Haas Educational Services

Building solid foundations for successful futures.

Dr. Charles Haas
Educational &
Vocational Coach

Why use Haas Educational Services?

1) Personal knowledge of every major type of higher learning institution.

I have been an administrator, a staff member, and/or a student at most major types of post-secondary institutions, including the local community college, the small progressive liberal arts college, the large traditional science university, and the distance-learning online university. I can give you the inside scoop on the benefits and disadvantages of each from actual first-hand experience.

2) Years of professional experience working in education and with children.

Director of Testing & Learning Centers. Director of Tutoring Services. Coordinator of Testing & Tutoring. Assistant Professor. College Instructor. Teacher. Tutor. Youth Counselor. Tutoring Company Director. Test Evaluator. Camp Archery Director. I bring the skills, knowledge, and experience of all these positions to ensuring your educational future is as bright as it can be.

3) A lifelong learner with a deep educational background.

Six (yes, 6!) college degrees. I graduated early from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (magna cum laude and with distinction from the Pennoni Honors College). Over the years, I earned a Master of Arts in Educational Studies, a Master of Education in Learning & Technology, a Master of Business Administration in Management & Strategy, and a Master of Science in Management & Leadership from Western Governors University. I also completed a Doctorate of Education (EdD) in College Teaching and Learning at Walden University. My other educational achievements include minor/minor equivalents in Communication and Mathematics, as well as over 30 certifications in a variety of fields (including education, psychology, and business).

4) The first Certified Specialist in Psychometry (CSP) in the state of New Jersey.

In addition to a strong, varied background in education, I spent a decade as a vocational psychometrist and consultant. I am qualified to administer, score, and interpret the results of a variety of assessments to help determine which majors, careers, and colleges are best suited for individual students. There are currently fewer than 300 professionals worldwide with the CSP designation.

5) A belief that some of the best knowledge and advice about higher learning can only come from someone affiliated with a college or university.

I ran student success departments and programs at multiple colleges for many years and was involved in several statewide and national educational organizations.

Many professionals giving college advice have not been students in years, if not decades. A major advocate for lifelong learning, I am always working on another degree or certification. I can give you better advice on being a student because I am a student.

I know what goes on at colleges and universities because I saw it every single day for over 20 years as a higher education professional and a student!

6) Advice from someone who will spend enough time with you to find out who you truly are and what you personally need for a successful future.

You could easily go to several different professionals to get all the services I offer, but due to the limited amount of time spent with each, they can only provide you with advice for the person you appear to be from one or two meetings, not who you really are. When you come to me, I can help you navigate through the myriad aspects of college admissions counseling (picking a major, finding the right school, crafting excellent application essays, etc.), as well as prepare you for the SAT or GRE. Because we will spend a good deal of time together on a variety of activities, I will get to know the REAL you (not just what is written on your transcripts).

7) Help at your home!

You don't need to spend hours each week traveling to SAT courses, writing tutors, and college counselors. You don't even need to leave your home! I will meet with you online via video conference.