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Dr. Charles Haas
Educational &
Vocational Coach

Select Publications, Presentations, & Posters

Author. “Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities.” NCLCA Newsletter Fall 2020. Center Spotlight. National College Learning Center Association. October 2020.

Author. Preparing NJ Community College Students for the Mathematics Placement Tests. June 2020.

Author. Brain Warmers: A Workbook to Help You Think Outside the Box & Improve Your Creativity. April 2016.

Presenter. Algebra Brush-Up Course: Preparing Students for College-Level Mathematics. ACCUPLACER & CLEP 2015 National Conference. The College Board. June 2015.

Author. "Helping Students Finish Strong." Student Success Newsletter. Burlington County College. November 2014.

Co-Editor. Whose History Is It Anyway? (2008), We Cannot Escape History (2009), Phoenix Flies Through History (2010), Through the Flames of Time (2011), Remembering 9/11 (2011), Journey Through the Generations (2012), Through the Eyes of Another (2013), and Rewind (2014). Books of Student Interviews and Essays.

Author. A Review of Comprehensive SAT Preparation Manuals. 2010.

Presenter. Psychometry Challenges. NAP National Conference. 2009.

Author. "Half of All Learning Takes Place Outside the Classroom." The Triangle. October 2003.

Author/Poster. Comparing and Combining the Traditional and Progressive Systems of Education to Best Prepare Students for Future Careers. April 2003.