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Dr. Charles Haas
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College Preparation

Like climbing Mount Everest, preparing for college can be a long, difficult journey. Let me guide you through the entire process to ensure your route to the right education is as smooth and simple as possible.

I will lead you down the proper path and stay with you the entire way, from planning the trip to helping you determine your destination (college and career) to making sure you complete each step of the journey (preparing for the SAT, crafting the best application essay, etc.).

You could easily go to several different professionals to get all the services I offer, but due to the limited amount of time spent with each, they can only provide you with advice for the person you appear to be from one or two meetings, not who you really are. Because we will spend a good deal of time together, I will get to know the REAL you (not just what is written on your report card). Detailed discussions, a review of your records (transcripts, schoolwork, etc.), and a series of assessments will help us determine who you truly are, where you need to go, and how you can get there.

I want you to succeed!
College Planning Package

I stay with you through the entire process:

Creating a Plan
Picking a Major/Career
Finding the Right School
Scoring Well on the SAT
Navigating the Application Process
Crafting Application Essays
Adjusting to College Life
And More!

Take the first step on your journey to a successful future:


SAT Preparation

Individual SAT Tutoring

Need individual, personalized tutoring to prepare for the SAT? Call 856-264-0346 or email haas@haaseducation.com for more information.
SAT Success Seminar

Want a personalized SAT course for you and your friends? I can cover all three sections of the SAT in ONE day, and I'll come to you!

SAT Success Seminars generally last 8 hours, and each participant receives a copy of The Official SAT Study Guide: 2020 Edition and all necessary supplies (information packets, notebook, folder, etc.).

Call 856-264-0346 or
email haas@haaseducation.com
to schedule your SAT Success Seminar!

Only $250 per person for the entire seminar.
(2 student minimum.)

Important Note: In-person SAT Success Seminars are currently not available due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
SAT Cram Session

Help! The SAT is on Saturday!

It's the week before you need to take the SAT. Do you have a few last-minute questions? Still confused about one particular math concept? “Forget” to study?

Get your questions answered and let me help you as much as possible in the limited time available.

If you're taking the SAT on Saturday and need some help, it's not too late; call or email today to schedule an online session.


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